Products and Services

Turnkey Conversions

EV conversions are becoming known as the future of hot rodding. While hot rodding has been around for decades, EV tech is very new and quickly developing. For those who want the latest tech in their classic vehicle ASAP, but don’t have the resources or interest to do it themselves, EV Underground is ready to consult with you on how we can take your project from start to finish in our 5000 square foot shop.

Have a project in mind? We’d love to hear all about it through our Conversion Contact form.

Please note that the cost for a turnkey conversion typically starts at $40,000 CAD

DIY Kits

Some of us like to get our hands dirty and aren’t afraid of a challenge. For those who are willing to go the DIY route, EV Underground is ready to help you spec a kit suited to your particular application. There is quite a learning curve for those choosing to go this route however, so our kit offerings are tested in-house before shipping to minimize any future problems during install. We also offer consultation to get you through your build if you have any problems along the way.

Feel free to reach out on our Contact Us page to tell us more about your project.

Please note that the cost for a DIY kit typically starts at $25,000 CAD